About Nick

Nick putting oil onto wooden chairs

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
Howard Thurman

Acorn Furniture was established in 1998 but Nick Lumb's relationship with wood reaches far back into his childhood. A lifelong passion has since become his profession; a vocation he shares to bring you outstanding designs for your home.

His knowledge of wood – the varieties, its capabilities and the way it performs – is inherent in Nick's make-up. Add to this his keen eye for detail and you will start to understand the very essence of his nature. His unwavering desire and ability to explore a design is one of his many skills. From elegant dining suites to dramatic entrance gates, Nick lovingly creates exactly what you want and need, effortlessly fusing creativity with functionality.

Having spent twenty of his working years in engineering and computing, Nick realised his true occupation lay with his lifelong pastime with wood. Prior to establishing Acorn Furniture, Nick enjoyed the challenge of making furniture for family, friends and colleagues, utilising space in his garage and spare bedroom to serve as his wood workshop.

During the mid 90s, Nick had the opportunity to upgrade his woodworking machinery and invest in a timber-drying kiln. In 1998, he accepted voluntary redundancy and chose to establish his own business, enabling him to work with wood full time. This change of direction resulted in Nick truly living his dream!

Nick says

"One of my early delights as a child was when my parents took me down country lanes where the trees leaned over the road and met in the middle to form a green tunnel. The sight of the sunlight filtering through green beech leaves still lifts my heart in much the same way many years on!

Even whilst specialising in maths and sciences, I spent much of my free time carving wood. My favourite sculptor was and still is Barbara Hepworth. The carving shown here was done when I was a teenager."



Wood carving 'swan'